A day of remembrance, have things really changed?

Today of all days is certainly a day of remembrance for our country. Many of us will look back at where we were and what we were doing at exactly 8:46 am on this day in 2001 when the first tower was hit. We flash back to reality, today, and think about everything in between and wonder how things have really changed or have they? Having visited Ground Zero this summer for the first time, it was very emotional. I was truly in awe upon arrival, then I recall saying "this really i

s not what I expected, I expected there to be more." When asked what MORE I expected, I was dumb-founded as I had no idea what I really meant. It took 30 minutes or less to walk around the North Pool, South Pool, the Survivor Tree and Memorial Museum (not the inside tour of course). For such a tragic and massive event, I just envisioned MORE. After walking across the street to the First Responders Memorial, touring the facility and downloading so much, I really wanted to walk back across the street to Ground Zero. Walking around each pool again I began to feel MORE, I stood, gazing at everyone paying respects, memorializing the own family, friends and co-workers. I began to understand the depth of what I was truly experiencing. This was not a tourist attraction like Walt Disney World or a vacation cruise. I could never put in words the emotions of this experience and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity. While some things have stayed the same, some things have changed, and we all do need change.

We all take things in our daily jobs, careers, tasks and life in general for granted. We all do things because they have to be done whether we like to or not. My god-father always taught me, "you should love what you do, if you don't, you should not be doing it....." I have taken his words to heart for years. I truly believe the people that lost their lives during the 9/11 tragedy loved what they doing. For me, I truly love assisting others, sharing my knowledge with others, connecting with others and seeing others succeed. I fully understand the difference of being a front-stage and back-stage person. I believe I was blessed with skills to assist front-stage talent sparkle by using my back-stage unique abilities prepare them. I look forward to this new adventure as being a successful virtual assistance. I hope you'll continue following my journey with me.

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